History of Dr. Yanick’s AAQM Research

Dr. Paul Yanick is a world-renowned authority on how quantum nourishment in living polarity formats nourishes both human and microbial cells (microbiome). He overcame two incurable and terminal illnesses twice in his life by discovering unique breakthrough nourishment concepts that go way beyond ordinary supplements sold everywhere. Like Hippocrates, one of the most honored names in medicine, Dr. Yanick believes that the body has its own doctor or inner physician and that nourishment from living food sources in quantum formats is what is needed to nourish the doctor within or inner physician.

From 1972 to 1975, Dr. Yanick researched nerve cell function with a JFK Robert Wood Johnson Medical Institute physician and found that only food-based quantum formats of nourishment could improve nerve function (Journal of the American Audiology Society, 1975:2). At Temple University School of Medicine and Hunterdon Medical Center (hospital), he discovered how these novel quantum formatted food-based nutrients improved nerve cell function and metabolism (Journal of Applied Nutrition, 1988:40). And, independent research by a Nobel Prize scientist proved that food-based nutrients were far superior to milligram-dosed synthetic vitamins at the cell level supporting Dr. Yanick’s early pioneering research (Journal of Cell Biology, 1975).

In the gut microbiotica domain, Dr. Yanick expanded upon other Nobel Laureate research (Nature 1983:301; Cell 1985:42; Science 228:1985), discovering innovative quantum and quorum technologies to re-colonize gut microbiotica after antibiotic or natural anti-infective herbal or silver treatments. He was the first to discover how Quorum Nutrition™ could turn on and provide superior nourishment to the microbial cells of the body that outnumber human cells 10 to 1.   Years later, Dr. Breaker of Yale University explained that microbiotica activation was based on riboswitches that were vital regulators of critical nutrient supplies (Nature 2007:447; Science 2008:321; Future Microbiology 2009:4; Nature 2009:462). Decades ahead of time, in 1990, Dr. Yanick developed an 8-strain microbiotica colonization blend, fed by Quorum Nutrition™ to activate riboswitches and restore the niche and habitat for rapid microbiotica colonization. Twenty years later, his microbiotica findings were supported by global research from over 24 university research scientists (Nature, 2010). Today, Dr. Yanick has put all his research into formats for board-certifying and training doctors who are registered members of QuantaFoods Association.  LINK to www.quantafoods.com