Download Your Purchased Inner Physician Neuro-Regeneration eBook

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Download Your Purchased Inner Physician eBook and Video

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Welcome to American Academy of Quantum Medicine!

A Division of QuantaFoods Association, A Private Membership Health-care Association

Functioning under QuantaFoods Association, the AAQM is a professional, accredited research and educational non-profit organization for board certification in Quantum Medicine™ or Quorum Nutrition™. The AAQM is funded primarily by tax deductible, charitable contributions and accepts gifts in a variety of ways that most befit the donor.


For doctors, we feature up-to-date natural clinical solutions and protocols in a practice-focused, easy-to-implement format that allows practitioners to fully capitalize on practice building, based on results at www.quantafoods.com.  AAQM research is committed to using the power and wisdom of nature so doctors can gain valuable insight into the core issues of why and how the body’s INNER PHYSICIAN downshifts and malfunctions. Educational tools are offered at www.quorumnutritionllc.com in the form of DVD seminars, e-Books and past webinar recordings on different clinical topics. With this information, practitioners can master a systematic approach to optimize their practice and the health of their patients.

For laypersons, we feature many e-Books at www.quorumnutritionllc.com that are self-help orientated and designed to be used in conjunction with your physician.


Board Certification by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) is offered under the following levels:

  • Board Certified Quantum Medicine Practitioner – provides recognition and specialty representation for health care professionals with a doctorate degree including: MD · DO · DC · DDS · PhD · ND · OMD · IMD
  • Board Certified Quorum Nutritional Consultant™ provides recognition and specialty representation for massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritional counselors, certified nutritionists, registered nurses and dieticians

NOTE: if you are interested in becoming board certified, first become a member of QuantaFoods Association and then e-mail Dr. Paul Yanick for more information at DR@quantafoodsassn.com